Agua Prieta

Click on the picture below to view the Youtube video of Vista’s trip to Agua Prieta, Mexico for the Celebration of Learning honoring the students of our sister church, Fuente de Vida UMC.

Jan Hopke-Almer  – Team leader

Vista’s sister church Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life) is located in Aqua Prieta, Mexico.  This relationship between our churches has been ongoing for over ten years.  We assist this mission ministry, in various ways with their economic advancement, with emphasis in three major categories (education, the women’s co-op, and Café Colonia sales).


Vista church annually sponsors over 100 children and youth with school supplies and tuition to attend public schools, including elementary through high school, and community colleges.  At present we are also sponsoring 10 students at the Methodist Seminary.  Each fall we sponsor a Celebration of Learning Festival in Agua Prieta for the students and for those with a B or better average, awarding them Certificates of Achievement for their success.

Economic Support

Contact:  Dee Berman

The  ladies of Funte de Vida met at the church’s community center to make items to sell for the economic support of their families. The emphasis of this program, is to create and teach self-supporting income projects. One of the projects is   designing and making custom ordered piñatas. Another major project is the creation of notes and cards for all occasions, from donated recycled cards from our congregation. The handmade and decorated notes are then sold at various   places including at Vista.

sniderColonia Coffee

Contact: Bob and Glenna Snider

Café Colonia beans are purchased directly from the farmers in Southern Mexico, shipped to Agua Prieta to the Colonia Coffee shop where various varieties of coffee beans are roasted, ground, package, labeled and shipped to various churches throughout the Southwest. The sale of Café Colonia helps support  the salary of the pastor and church operating expenses.  Special orders can be made by phone or email.